Veterans Health Information

Good day Comrades,

I hope you’re keeping well.  If interested, please find an informative article on the Chronic Pain Centre of Excellence, starting on page 14 in the December 2021 issue of ANAVETS magazine.

I would also like to share an update for VAC Mental Health Benefits:

“Coming soon: Mental Health Benefits – Starting in April 2022, Veterans residing in Canada who apply for a disability benefit for a mental health condition – as well as those who already applied but have not yet received a decision – will qualify for the new Mental Health Benefits. This program provides early access to coverage for prescription drugs and certain mental health services related to anxiety and depressive disorders, and trauma-and-stressor-related disorders. Mental Health Benefits coverage lasts for a period of up to 2 years, regardless of the outcome of your application.  Note: Treatment benefits for those who are already approved for a disability benefit will not change”.